Four questions for nuclear ban treaty negotiators

Delegations to the ban treaty negotiations in 2017 need to take a position on the following issues

By Kjølv Egeland

There has been much debate about the wisdom of negotiating a ban on nuclear weapons without the nuclear-armed states involved in the process. (See herehere, and here for a selection.) There has also been some work on what such a ban treaty might include with respect to substantive prohibitions (use, possession, transfer, financing etc.). Less has been written about the complex technical matters negotiators must confront. Here are four of them.  Continue reading “Four questions for nuclear ban treaty negotiators”

You heard it here first: Donald Trump will set in motion a radical nuclear disarmament process

By Kjølv Egeland

Trump, Reagan, and nuclear disarmament

When he enters the White House in January next year, Donald Trump will, by my totally unscientific measurements, become the wackiest US President ever to grace America and the world. Continue reading “You heard it here first: Donald Trump will set in motion a radical nuclear disarmament process”

A pretty good chat

By Kjølv Egeland

Nuclear disarmament talks proceed in Geneva.

On 2–13 May, the second and meatiest of three segments of a United Nations Open-Ended Working Group (OEWG) ‘taking forward multilateral nuclear disarmament negotiations’ took place at the Palais des Nations in Geneva. Two impressions, elaborated below, stand out: First, the quality of the deliberations was generally high. Second, for the first time, it seems clear that a great number of states, probably a majority of the UN’s members, are prepared to negotiate a treaty banning nuclear weapons – separating the act of prohibition from the process of physical disarmament – even if the nuclear-armed states refuse to play ball. Continue reading “A pretty good chat”